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DHA Booster Drops are high-concentration drops designed specifically to enhance the final tan your clients can achieve. This will not affect the bronzer color of the tan, but will add a much sought-after boost to those clients in need. Perfect if you have that one person who wants a darker tan than the rest of your clientele, and also a hit amongst bodybuilders who want to create a strong base tan before their bronzer application.


Bottle Size: 30ml 


Who it’s for: Anyone who wants an additional boost to the final darkness level of their tan


Can be used with: Original, Gimme Brown, Winterglow


Additional Features: hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free


For best results: Add twenty-two drops per two ounce application for a 1% boost to your resulting tan. Be sure to thoroughly mix solution and drops before applying the spray tan.


Salon Tip: “I always keep a bottle of DHA Drops on hand, just in case I get a client who walks in my door and wants to be darker than a solution I regularly stock. I don’t want to tell them no and lose their business; DHA Drops has stopped this from happening several times already!” –Jen S.

35% DHA Booster Drops quantity


Aviva 35%DHA Booster Drops

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